Sustainability and Habitat Creation
Composting and recycling on site

We encourage and construct/supply compost bins on our client’s premises to create a sustainable eco system, enriching plant material, creating a habitat for micro-organisms, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Plastics, cardboard and paper, if found on the client’s premisses, are disposed into appropriate bins.

Habitat Creation
We install and encourage the introduction of both bird and bat boxes, insect hotels, bee hives where appropriate, mammal and amphibian habitats. Supply and planting of plant material to provide fruit, flowers and suitable habitats. Preparation, sowing, installation and maintenance of wildflower area’s and wildflower turf.

Plant Propagation
We also encourage and carry out the process of increasing the existing plant stock on site by soft / hardwood cuttings and division. Thus reducing costs and our carbon footprint.